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Asset Management

Asset Management Services for your business

IT Asset Management Services for your Business

Today Companies need a complete and reliable picture of their IT equipment, systems and processes to  be able to get maximum value and use from their IT assets. IT Asset Management (ITAM) is a cornerstone of IT Service Management (ITSM) yet is often omitted from existing ITSM implementations or initiatives.

Organizations are largely focused on continuously improving ITSM-related processes to increase service levels and manage risk to deliver value to the business, effectively managing  costs to do more for less and avoid unnecessary expenditures and controlling the changes and IT resource expansion associated with evolving business initiatives and technology.

A comprehensive IT Asset Management program is fundamental to managing the infrastructure that supports the delivery of IT Services to the business. ITAM is an important building block for organizations because it enables automated tracking, control and financial management of the assets (devices and applications) that comprise the IT infrastructure.

Our Offering

Elitbuzz provides IT Asset Management Services to help decision makers in getting holistic and reliable picture of their IT equipment, systems, and processes to achieve a maximum value and use from their IT assets.  With Asset Management Elitbuzz designs a continuous, economic and automated process chain for purchasing, financing, transfer and return of IT equipment and software licenses.

Our IT Asset Management solution puts comprehensive information at your fingertips, helping you to plan and operate your IT assets.

Asset Management Life Cycle


Benefits of IT Asset Management

Asset Management supports the requirement along the entire lifetime cycle of their End-user IT equipment. With ITAM it is possible to establish and maintain IMAC (Install, Move, Add and Change) best practices, improve asset service levels and manage service risk and IT resources in a cost-effective manner and as part of a comprehensive ITSM program.

A pragmatic and phased approach to adopting ITSM and ITAM processes is recommended to help to secure continued funding of your programs. This program development approach creates recurring business value, improves your organization’s IT maturity and provides success at every step.

  • Uncover savings through process improvement and support for strategic decision making
  • Gain control of the inventory
  • Increase accountability to ensure compliance
  • Enhance performance of assets and the life cycle management
  • Risk reduction through standardization, proper documentation, loss detection

Business Benefits

After implementing the defined asset management policies, organizations will get below mentioned tangible benefits

  • Maintain the complete IT Asset and configuration item (CI) list.
  • Maintain Configuration Management Database (CMDB) with proper access control and confidentiality
  • Maintain records for expired and decommissioned assets
  • Conduct capacity reporting on replenishing assets and consumables
  • Track and report on contract, license, AMC, support renewals etc
  • Identify, track, and prioritize corporate assets, especially mission-critical assets required for business continuity planning
  • Manage Contracts for the assets which are applicable

Inventory control is accomplished through IT Asset Management tool. Inventory management team shall track maintained inventoried parts and hardware providing reporting and usage analysis.

Asset Management Services

Designing Asset Management Policies & Procedures

Elitbuzz shall define the IT Asset Management Process to streamline, which enables the smooth and error free management of IT Assets within the organization based on ITIL best practice.

Hardware Asset Management Services

  • Define the process as per ITIL to operate the entire lifecycle management of End User IT Hardware & Data center Hardware
  • Tagging the assets in scope with Bar Code, by using DUCAB Bar Code Printers, Scanners, Software & Stickers.
  • Population of Hardware Inventory (Both End User IT Hardware & Datacenter Hardware) that are in scope in ManageEngine Service Desk Plus – Asset Explorer Module.
  • Configuration of the required reports in ManageEngine Service Desk Plus – Asset Explorer Module.
  • Revision / Amendment existing Process Policy / Procedure.

Software Asset Management Services

  • Define the process as per ITIL to Operate the entire lifecycle management of Software Assets, including connection of SW Assets (SW Licenses) to the HW Assets and to operate HW-Asset Management and SW-Asset management on an integrated platform.
  • Provide customer with an efficient Software Asset Management, which systematically support their License Management processes and policies.
  • Population of Software Inventory (Installed Vs Purchased) that are in scope in ManageEngine Service Desk Plus – Asset Module.
  • Configuration of the required reports in ManageEngine Service Desk Plus – Asset Module.