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The Most Stable Bulk SMS Solution In Bangladesh

BTRC Enlisted Aggregator Ensures Customer Requirements on High Priority in Successful Campaigns. bulk sms bd

bulk sms bd


Location Based SMS

You can send SMS to your target area. If you send the SMS to the right area of your business, you will benefit more.

Highest Success Rate

More than 95% of SMS will be delivered within a few seconds. and Most recipients read the SMS.

Easy To Use

Our Web panel is a user-friendly and category-wise/Detailed summary dashboard. Everyone can use it easily.

No Hidden Cost

No Setup Cost, monthly fees, and no hidden costs.


Client Support

We always provide premium support without any excuse.

Free API

API/SMPP Module for third-party App Integration.

bulk sms bd

Top SMS Service Providers | Bulk SMS BD

Elitbuzz provides you most stable bulk SMS with a better effective means of promotion. through bulk SMS marketing you can promote your business on a very higher level at a very low cost, With bulk SMS you can introduce your great business to the general public directly. We provide SMS service on all networks in Bangladesh at any time. Our goal is to make our business successful by winning the happiness of our customers.

Bulk SMS Gateway

Elitbuzz Technologies Ltd. is one of the leading bulk SMS service providers in Bangladesh. With a user-friendly interface and affordable rewards, Elitbuzz-bd has a great presence in Bangladesh. Click here for demo. and sent us a message for demo user id and password.

We provide the most efficient bulk SMS service in Bangladesh at a low cost. The bulk SMS campaign is conducted in compliance with all the rules of BTRC, as a result of which our message delivery rate is at the highest level. Elitbuzz is the best stable bulk SMS provider empowering you to promote your business connected with the largest mobile network Globally. Please contact us if have any quarries.

BTRC Enlisted bulk SMS Aggregate

Elitbuzz-bd is the BTRC enlisted bulk SMS aggregator in Bangladesh. All our services are proceeded by the rules of BTRC so that you get a modern and transparent service. Contact us today to get better service.

Masking/Non-Masking SMS

Masking and non-masking bulk SMS Features in the same platform.

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS is an automated SMS service sent by a business as a response to an action or event initiated by a customer

Real-Time delivery

Real-time delivery report available. You can see your time to time delivery report from API.

bulk sms bd | top bulk sms service provider in bangladresh

Location-based SMS Campaign

We research your customers and promote your business in your targeted locations.


API Integration

An API for sending SMS is an easy way to send automatic bulk SMS directly from your own platform.

Promotional SMS

You can promote your business by sending Promotional SMS to your targeted audiences.