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The Internet of Things

In the world of Internet, Speak the language of things

The Internet of Things: Why Now?

A Sense of Things


In the IoT world, sensors and actuators are embedded in physical objects – from ATMs, buildings, datacenters, cell towers, power grids, roadways – and they are linked wirelessly.

Sensors can keep a remote eye on almost anything. They can fetch data from everywhere – from environment, physical objects, infrastructure, and even from you!

WebNMS IoT Platform supports integration with wide range of sensors viz vibration sensor, motion detection sensor, fuel level sensor, temperature sensor, smoke detection sensor, and more. The machine data collected by these sensors from the passive infrastructure are then relayed to WebNMS IoT Platform via IP network for analysis.

4I’s Model – Build your IoT Apps in just 4 steps!

IoT application development is expensive and it is often inflexible and difficult to scale. WebNMS IoT platform helps to you get rid of overall complexity in implementing IoT solution – and offers unprecedented collaboration, scalability, and connectivity.

Connect any type of devices

While developing any IoT apps such as remote device management, fleet management, smart grid, asset tracking, and more – developers face immense challenge in integrating various sensors with the software tools. WebNMS IoT platform enables seamless integration with RTUs, gateways, sensors via multiple communication protocols.

Device Connectivity: WebNMS IoT Platform supports wide range of communication protocols – such as MODBUS, MQTT, CoAP, XMPP, and more .

Open Architecture: WebNMS Platform’s native N-tier architecture allows massive scalability on both the client and network side.

Enterprise Application Integration: Supports integration with external applications like BSS, OSS, NMS, CRM, Help Desk, and so on.

Collect data using Open APIs

WebNMS IoT Platform’s scalable infrastructure lets you to integrate and secure the data pouring in from various devices and sensors. Open APIs ensures service interoperability and allows ubiquitous end-to-end service provisioning. Open APIs facilitate to build wide range of M2M applications ranging from remote monitoring, security & surveillance, energy management, fleet management, industrial applications, healthcare applications, etc., effortlessly, and in no time!

Turn your ideas into IoT deployments

Create your Custom IoT Apps in Weeks

How does it sound to you if we take care of security, scalability, and APIs, so that you can focus on building your desired IoT app quickly ? WebNMS IoT Platform helps you to focus on the business value your IoT apps provide, rather than outlaying your effort and time in recreating the core infrastructure. This helps you to achieve faster time to market and lower IoT development cost.

Create Real Business Value

A right IoT Platform helps businesses to innovate new business services like usage-based insurance, usage based billing and so on. When “things” such as enterprise passive assets, consumer electronics, buildings, city infrastructure, vehicles, and more get connected to the internet, operating efficiencies and new business models emerge.

Take complete control of your connected devices

Remote Device Management

WebNMS IoT platform enables network monitoring, configuration, and troubleshooting of each device or resource and manages an entire network from a single platform. Remote device management eradicates truck rolls to site and lowers the operating costs of enterprises.

Automated Device Configuration

Get rid of time-consuming device updates. WebNMS IoT allows the operators to check the device status, manage device configurations over-the-air parameter administration, and decommissioning of equipment remotely.

Remote Diagnosis and Troubleshooting

Device management eliminates the cost of machine downtime and fulfills demand in service level agreements to the operators. Real-time device data is used to determine the performance of the device and carry out preventive maintenance.

Security Management

In-built security module allows integration with security solutions like LDAP, TACACS, RADIUS etc., and permits group-based authorization and device-based access control.

WebNMS Big Data & Analytics

In today’s competitive business environment, companies need to seize, sort, and make sense of massive amounts of data. WebNMS IoT Platform helps you analyze data and act on events at lightening speed.

WebNMS Big Data module will be able to efficiently shape huge volume of unstructured data generated from devices, sensors, remote terminal unit (RTU), and more, providing you with actionable insights. For example, to understand the trends in cell tower fuel usage and to predict when diesel needs to be replenished. In a more complex example, combining this activity with location and battery backup could provide greater insights.

  • Magnitude – Channel massive amount of data exploding from tens of thousands of RTUs across the remote sites.
  • Multiplicity – Analyze varied forms of data and complex data types viz text, image, video, and more.
  • Speed – Derive deep insights in real-time for M2M applications where information is sensitive and demands swift decision making.