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SMSC (Short Message Service Center) is a network element in the telecommunications network. Its equipped is to send, forward, store, convert and deliver Short Message Service (SMS) messages.

Elitbuzz Technologies Limited is a leading SMSC vendor in the Bangladesh. All leading IPTSP/PSTN operators use our SMSC.

Major Features

  • Support maximum TPS
  • Web based interface for maintenance the sms application
  • Web based administrator-controlled access to the SMS application
  • Individual customer portal (White label/customized)
  • Multiple protocols connectivity support (http api, MAP/Sigtran, IP)
  • Non-masking, Masking, transactional, Unicode, Flash, Priority, split, Scheduled SMS.
  • Templates for SMS
  • Campaign Management Portal
  • Prepaid basis billing
  • Capable of multi leg/split (long) sms billing
  • Web based bulk SMS sending through CSV file uploading
  • Max 1080 characters support. English 160 Characters, Bangla 70 Characters per SMS
  • Support Incoming message receipt via web account
  • Reporting (day wise, customer wise, balance transfer report, charging report, campaign, delivery message) part available.
  • Real Time Handset Delivery report based on operators end feedback
  • MNP supported
  • Spam protection supported
  • Security on network and access layer (user authentication, IP whitelisting, SSL)
  • Credit control for all type of customers